It's Not That Complicated.

We feel that furniture should be
Durable • Stylish • Comfortable • Fairly Priced

Creating Designs That Last

We take pride in constructing something you'll love not just now but in the years to come. Every furniture plays an important role in your home and we strive to help you achieve the vibe you desire through our products.

"Quality Is An Investment In The Future"

We know the pains of purchasing shabby furniture, and through years of Research & Development we made sure nothing leaves us unchecked. The BoltZero © and Stabilyne © technology was created and patented by us to ensure you own goods that are sturdy that can last you beyond what you expect. From prime materials and skilled hands, to meticulous testing and specialised tools, we ensure you only get the best.


From The Craftsman To Your Home

Why do you have to pay more for quality furniture? By cutting out all middleman agencies, we are able to give you premium quality at honest prices. Having a direct line to you also means lesser to and fro shipment which prevents wear and tear, accidental and weather damage to your beloved furniture. We handle all the work so you don't have to.

We Only Ask For One Thing.

We ask that you love our furniture as much as we do.
Here at Stocked N' Loaded we will always be creating new designs for every dream home.
Everyday is an exciting journey for us as we continue to put together the pieces of a beautiful home for you.