Aria Stabilyne Chairs (Pair)
Aria Stabilyne Chairs (Pair)
Aria Stabilyne Chairs (Pair)
Aria Stabilyne Chairs (Pair)
Aria Stabilyne Chairs (Pair)
Aria Stabilyne Chairs (Pair)

Aria Stabilyne Chairs (Pair)

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Stability Through Technology 

Long dinners just got more comfortable

Aria chair was created so that you can sit longer while enjoying nice dinners – without your legs starting to feel stiff or your back aching. To succeed, we dove into new research on the human body, which led to us developing a new technique to get a really comfortable seat.

Sitting may not seem like an active movement, but it actually involves everything from the body's bones and muscles to tendons, cartilage and joints. "So that you sit comfortably for longer, it’s important that the body enjoys the right support in the right place", explains material developer Anders Bergner.


Upholstered in light grey fabric, this raises the plush factor of its padded seat for extended hours of lounging. Sitting chic with its class-inspired button backrest, the criss-cross form shapes up to create a unique design highlight.


The straight backrest and fine stitching details shelter you and your guests in ultimate comfort and elegance through simplicity.



Product Dimensions

Dimension: W44 x D54 x H92cm

Seatable Width: 43cm

Seating Height: 47.5cm

Packaging Dimension: 1 Box

Number Of Chair In Each Package: 2 Units

Product Details

Frame: PU Box Frame

Fabric Composition:  Abrasion Resistant Fabric/Micro Fibre

Leg Frame: Black Stained Solid Rubber Wood

Firmness: Medium

Filling: Pocket Spring With High Resilience Foam

Cover Type: Non-removable Seat Cushion Cover

Technology: Patent Number GB2517274, 9,596,937, ZL201320765990.9 , Stabilyne